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Practice Schedule

San Diego Shofukan Kendo Club

San Diego Shofukan Kendo Club.

Saturday - 8:30 am to 10:30 am

The head instructor is Katsumi Chinen (5th-Dan). If you are interested in joining, please visit this link.

About Myself...

This page was created over a decade ago. I updated it, but decided to keep most of the information on it intact. The following is what I wrote a long time ago: Lately, my life has started to take on some changes. I had recently ventured onto wanting to start a business for myself after leaving my previous position as a Operations Manager. It is a scary and exciting time for me. My area of expertise is in Procurement, Purchasing, and Importing, so naturally, the business I will be going into will be providing manufacturing and importing services. Additionally, I had found that many overseas manufacturers are in need of so I will also be taking on this as part of business as well.

I am always open to new products and ideas so occassionally, I will find products in need of representation and build a website and promote it on the side... just to see if it presents itself as a business opportunity.

Currently, I am testing this method out to see if it works and have started trying to sell an item or two... You can click here to go to my Sword Page as an example.

About Kendo...


As you can see, I have a great interest in the art/sport of KENDO. Both my wife and I are part of the San Diego Shofukan Kendo Club. I manage the facebook group for our kendo club which can be seen HERE. Every week, our activities seem to always revolve around our kendo schedule and we are loving it. We are both Ni-dan yudanshas (second dan, or second degree blackbelt). I am currently building a site right now as an update to the San Diego Shofukan Kendo Website... also as a service for those in Southern California, LA, San Diego area to gather information on kendo and related activity/information as necessary. Once the site is complete, it will compliment the SCKF (Southern California Kendo Federation) website, as well as serve as a message board for kendoists in San Diego.

Now here is a little bit on Kendo in general as well as kendo in San Diego. Kendo is essentially sword fighting where participants attempts to score points on each other by striking the bamboo sword (shinai) in certain places on the body. The four places where points are valid are the head (men), wrist (kote), throat - in a thrust (tsuki), and waist (do). It is difficult to master in that it has a very steep learning curve in the beginning and an even steeper learning curve later on relative to most other sports. This sport originated in Japan as a form of practice for sword fighting and have spread throughout the world.

This sport requires very little monetary investment but does require alot of dedication. You do not need uniforms (keiko-gi and hakama) until much later (~3months after you start), and you do not need armor (bogu) until much much later (~6+ months after you start). The idea is that many beginners will wear the hakama too early... which actually hinders your learning process (as it hides your footwork and mistakes).

I will be adding alot more information about all the beginner learning practices when I complete my kendo website.

As far as the kendo that I do, our dojo belongs to the SCKF or the Southern California Kendo Federation..(as opposed to SCKO -- Southern California Kendo Organization). Both of which are part of the AUSKF or All US Kendo Federation. There is another dojo in San Diego -- the San Diego Kendo Club -- which belongs to SCKO. There are also a few other kendo clubs around SD but are not recognized by either federation... so I consider these to be social clubs and will not be referencing them here (if you are thinking of joining a dojo, make sure that it is under the AUSKF). Complete listing of dojos in these federations can be found at:

SCKF Website / AUSKF Website

My instructor is John Yamamoto (4th Dan). Our practices are every Saturday and Tuesday. Practice location and information can be found HERE. You can feel free to contact me if you are interested in this sport and are thinking about starting. (if you are in San Diego that is). More information is posted on our dojo site and will be available on my dedicated kendo website as it is completed.


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