SDKB (San Diego Kendo Bu)
Practice schedule and location:

Saturday Practice -

Location: UCSD Recreation Gym (Next to (south) the UCSD Main Gym).
Start Time- 12:00pm
End Time- 2:00pm
Requirements: Participants must sign up with the Rec department for official class at UCSD. Forms can be downloaded here.

Regular Saturday practice takes place every week unless otherwise notified. Practice starts at 12 noon and ends at 2pm at the UCSD Rec Gym.

There are 4 chances for a beginner to start the class each year-- These coincide with the beginning of each quarter. There is a window of a week or so for someone who would like to add the class after the official start of the quarter. After this window, you will have to wait until the start of NEXT quarter to join.

Academic calendar for 2004/2005 is as follows (Subsequent year calendar will follow approximately):

Quarter Starts Ends  
Summer 7/10/2004 September  
Fall 9/20/2004


Winter 1/3/2005 3/19/2005  
Spring 3/24/2005 6/10/2005  

Detailed Academic Calendar can be found at :

Tuesday Practice -

Location: National City VFW Hall.
541 East 24th St., National City 91950

Beginner Class:
Start Time- 7:00pm
End Time- 8:00pm
Requirements: Participants must pay $10 monthly dues (Ask about observing or attending trial class).

Advanced Class:
Start Time- 8:00pm
End Time- 10:00pm
Requirements: Participants must pay $10 monthly dues (Ranked visitors and visiting dojos are welcomed).

Classes are on-going with enrollment open year round. Advance class is intended for those already in bogu.

Head Instructor: John Yamamoto
Contact: John Yamamoto (619) 479-4231

For further questions, email:

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