Batch of Japanese WWII Military Sword Replicas for sale

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I came across a batch of old Chinese made World War II Japanese military swords and am offering all of them for sale. These swords have been imported from North-Eastern China.


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Here are the information I have gathered on these items... These are Chinese made replicas of the Japanese WWII NCO Shin-Gunto swords. (They are not the genuine Japanese NCO Swords... which usually sells at prices exceeding $500 to $600 and on up to the thousands, but are Chinese made reproductions). I am not sure when these swords were made, but numerous people have informed me that these were mass manufactured by Chinese prisoners of the Japanese late in the Japanese occupation of China during WWII. These were mostly given to the soldiers in the Japanese army occupying China as presentation piece or a dress pieces rather than a practical weapon. All swords have some deterioration, but are all in similarily fair condition as indicated in the images.

None of the swords are polished. The scabbord is made of wood, covered in brass with acid etched kanji and patterns on both sides. There are stamped images and characters on both sides of the non-sharpened blade as shown in the pictures. The tsuba and the grip are both made of rough casted metal and there seems to be a couple of different styles to them. All grips have a button near to tsuba which acts as a release mechanism for the locking mechanism on the scabbord.

The swords cannot be of any practical use or be made to be of practical use, but would make wonderful display pieces or conversational pieces for collectors of WWII memorabilia. These swords seems to be modeled after the original copper handled version of the early WWII Japanese Non-Commissioned Officer Shin-Gunto army sword.

Each sword is 36 inches in length and weighs between 2 to 3 lbs.

I have checked auctions for the same items on ebay and found their market retail value to be between $75 and $100+ each with shipping (if you can even find them at all)... I will sell each of these for $49.95 each (plus $20 for shipping via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the continental US)... which I think is an extremely fair price for any such similar item.

Since I have a bunch of them to offer, I will offer a VOLUME DISCOUNT of $5 on each sword (10% off) if you buy 5 or more. If you are a dealer or propriator of military surplus stores who intend to re-order, I will offer some more discount. Please continue to the ordering page for details:

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$49.95 US each

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