Order Info Page for Japanese WWII Military Sword

Welcome to the ordering page for my swords. Please fill in the order information form below and I will email you with more information. For payment information:

1. If paying by check, cashiers check or money order: Select "MAIL PAYMENT" on the form. Instruction on the total amount and where to send the check will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Personal checks will take longer to clear (about 1 week after you mail it out) so please be patient.

2. if paying by Credit Card or PayPal: Select "PayPal" on the form and remember to enter the email address your paypal account is linked to. I will set up a fund request and email it to you once the grand total has been verified via email. If you are paying by credit card, simply click on the button HERE.

Check/Money Order Payment Information Form
Please complete the Form as thoroughly as possible. I will contact you once I have sufficient information. I gurantee all information will be confidential and will not be used for anything else.

This form does not commit you to the order. It is not an ordering form.

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Once I have the information, I will contact you. Usually in 24 hours. Shipping cost will OF COURSE be discounted if you are ordering multiples.


Shipping is usually via UPSP Priority Mail. If this is a volume purchase, I will re-calculate shipping and email you with the discounted shipping cost.

$49.95 EACH, (5+ or more for 44.95 each)

If you need more information, you can email pchen1@san.rr.com